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If you want to create a website like trottinette.org, improve its SEO or develop it, you need to call on a well-known and reliable SEO agency. The latter hires experts in the field to carry out all the requests of the customers, and that, in the standards in force.

WordPress website design

WordPress website design

PrestaShop e-commerce creation

PrestaShop e-commerce creation


What do they consist of?


A website always needs a domain name and web hosting. What are the differences between the two? How can you tell them apart? And why are these two elements really necessary for each page?

The domain name is actually the address of your website. But hosting is the house itself. Every site needs it in order to function. According to web experts, when a user enters a domain name, it is translated into an IP address.

By opting for a secure hosting service offered by a provider specialising in the field, such as ours, you can guarantee the security of your site.

Graphic & web design: the stages of your project!

Le header

The header

This is the computer file or the source code that is located at the beginning.

The logo

A means of identification and communication for each company.

Images and illustrations

They improve the visual identity of each website. They also improve the design.

The menu

The menu of a website is like a landmark for visitors and web users.

The footer

It is a small section that is located under the text or under the main content.

Responsive design

The responsive design is a new technology for displaying a site on a mobile device.



The design of a mobile application is, however, necessary for each site. This application is to be downloaded onto a phone or a tablet. But how do you get the design right? And what are the mistakes to avoid?

For the design of your mobile application, you must first of all succeed in onboarding. You should always set a clear goal and not add too many features to the application. However, don’t be afraid to add notifications.



Google referencing is becoming a necessity for every website today. Why? In fact, it is a strategy that allows a web page to appear on the first results of search engines.

Also known as site optimization, this technique helps a web address to get known quickly and to boost their traffic, as is the case for the traffic of the Aides déménagement site. However, creating a better SEO strategy should be left to experts in the field.

A netlinking agency that manages your backlinks

With every SEO strategy, the use of backlinks is always promising. Netlinking is both beneficial and advantageous. How does it work? And why should you entrust the work to specialists in the field?

The aim of netlinking is to create a relationship of trust between advertisers and publishers. This facilitates the exchange of links in referencing. To make the right choice, an expert agency in the field bases itself on metrics, media coverage and editorial quality.



There are 5 steps to developing a better marketing strategy. First of all, it is crucial to analyse the market opportunities and then to target the customer base. These are the first two most important steps.

After that, it is necessary to ensure the correct positioning of its offers, to determine the action plans and, most importantly, to control the offers. In any case, using the best software and asking for help from experts in the field offers many advantages.


The chatbot: the new customer advisor

The chatbot currently has the role of a customer advisor.

Branding: your most valuable asset

Branding helps to convey your authenticity and values.


Mobile marketing: it's all about the smartphone

Mobile marketing makes it easier for users and mobile users.